The Best Restaurants in New Orleans


The best restaurants in New Orleans are famous for a lot of the area's unique specialties. That is probably because New Orleans city is world-famous for its food! The indigenous cuisine is unduly distinct and influential to many people.

The most famous New Orleans cuisine are it's Beignets, a square-shaped fried pastry that could also be called "French Donuts" where it is popularly served with café au lait. Other than that, the other unique specialties include Po'boy and Italian Muffuletta sandwiches, which is a sandwich made from a type of round Sicilian sesame bread. Then there are also their famous oyster dishes in many preparations and other seafood. Another New Orleans specialty is their Praline, made from all the finest sugar with cream and butter for that rich aroma and pecans for a nutty flavor. All of this one of a kind specialty can of course be found in all the best restaurants in New Orleans.

In a town synonymous with eating, it's always hard to know where to begin. Therefore, below is a meal-by-meal primer of the best restaurants in New Orleans where you can serve your tummy all the scrumptious food the Crescent City has to offer! Only a few blocks away, on the edge of Central Business District, there lies the cafeteria-style restaurant named Mother's to serve you a selectable breakfast that consist of dishes such as red-bean omelettes with baked ham and biscuits to start your day. Moving on to lunch, head on to Casamento's for its restructured oyster loaf. Made by layering fried oysters in between two slices of house-made buttery white bread, this sandwich is a sure shot your tongue totally can not resist! And if dining under sparkling chandeliers in a four-storey French-Creole Warehouse is your thing, hop on over to August which serves salad with heirloom beets, cherrywood bacon, mustard greens and quail eggs for a mouth-watering dinner. This meal is a sin I guarantee you would not regret committing!

Apart from those that have been mentioned, the best restaurants in New Orleans are still aplenty! With the region's legendary cuisine all over, it's hard not to understand why. Starting from Antoine's, which is a classic Creole restaurant in the French Quarter since 1840's; following with Arnaud's, where it's the home of Shrimp Remoulade; and Commander's Place where the service and ambience match the excellence of the cuisine; to the beautiful location in an old home where Bayona is located; to neighborhood restaurant where Clancy's upscale and classic faces no match. These are the top 5 most famous restaurants in New Orleans!

Looking for your next food destination? Why not head on over to New Orleans! Be sure to also visit the best restaurants in New Orleans to leave your tummy craving for more!