Eat the elephant

There is an old saying that goes, “How do you eat an elephant, it bites from time to time?” Although it is intended as a joke, it is still a great metaphor for anyone trying to achieve huge goals. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Then again, not necessarily have do it this way. One of the best ways I can get the job done is to let your deadlines just guide you. You allow the pressure to increase, և it pushes you to do many things at once. Or rather, it’s not that fun, often it’s the egg that gets you to your best job. Making real money requires dedication and perseverance.

There is time for procrastination. Of course, if you think logically, you can break all your goals և just do a little every day և you make steady progress. But that does not always work. If other projects get in the way, you may be dealing with growing pressures, as you may not always be able to do that every day. As a result of that pressure, you find out everything at the last moment. This is not a bad thing at all, given the results, but sometimes it seems scary.

Here are some things you can do to help ease the way. First of all, you have to think conceptually. You should be able to see the big picture at once. to see what I call greater և to think more clearly. Then you need to be able to cut it into small pieces before assembling it like a jigsaw. Strive to do something every day, even if you just think about everything.

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. It works well sometimes. But I have come to realize that sometimes it takes a little delay to increase the pressure. Sometimes the work is just hard, no matter how little you do, it accumulates pressure. But before that, when you eat an elephant, be kind to yourself. Do not beat yourself up for not making enough progress. That’s the worst thing you can do. It’s a better idea to walk fast but push yourself. And sometimes it is necessary to take a vacation.

If you are in the habit of constantly pushing yourself, trying to complete each project quickly, here is what I recommend, instead of sprinting. Shorten your tail for a short time, then rest for a while before returning to remove your tail. So you go fast, but you still push me. Try to view all your projects as a series of sprints. Try to do it as quickly as possible; but then step back and relax a little.

You have to create a game out of it for this approach to really work. You can not take it too seriously, you really can not. Of course, put everything you can into it; Work as hard as you can, but also realize that good enough is really good enough. You can correct gaps and mistakes during your next run. There is a paralysis of the test, or, as I like to call it, a steam lock. When you try to be perfect, you may never start. Do not do that. Do the best you can, as Theodore Roosevelt said, “that will be enough for now.”

As you work on new marketing projects, work on a sales copy first – as long as it’s fresh և new և while you’re still excited. That way, you will convey all your enthusiasm directly to your prospects և customers. Most people do the opposite. they work on product development և while they’re excited, when they start selling materials or websites, all their excitement is gone. It’s very bad, because in the end, sales are a transfer of emotions.

The more excited you are about your sales pitch, the more excited you will be about others. There is magic when you are excited, when it is a brand new project, there is still excitement. it is time to create your sales material. If that’s all you are learning from this article, I’m teaching you something very valuable. Too many people think that everything is about the product, that they have to spend all their emotions on it. And the product is: It is possible, there is no question about that. but if the excitement at the time of writing your sales material is gone, it will be very difficult for you to gather the emotions needed to sell it. Sell ​​the item first.

This is one way to eat an elephant – try to stay excited. Do the best you can. Keep an eye on the prize. Be like a driver, always focused on the road. Expect obstacles later as you work on your development. You also have to be so eager to be able to overcome all the challenges, which is one way to eat an elephant.

There is a song called: How bad do you want it?? By Don Henley, as Henley points out, many do not want it to be bad enough. The more you want to achieve your goals, the bigger the goal և the more motivated you are to achieve it, the more prepared you will be to meet the challenges և the higher your price will be. be ready to pay. Or sometimes it will be hard work, make it a work of love. You will be proud of yourself when you achieve it … և, by the way, hard work will be proud no to kill you. It makes you stronger. It’s good for your soul. I sincerely believe in it.

Many people do not realize this or do not want to. Making money is a skill you need to hone. The good news is that you can earn while you study. but it is: skill, և to develop your skills է is to work hard և to do everything I am talking about in this article. As they say, “Everything is difficult until it becomes easy.”

Most people are afraid of hard work և should not be afraid. The secret is that the more you want to do something, the less you consider it a job. The more excited you are about a project, the better prepared you will be to endure it. It is not always difficult. In fact, there are times when money rolls in easily. But those times are the result of your hard work.

Be sure to give yourself some rest so you don’t get burned. But do not take too much time. People who constantly make it easy never achieve anything significant և they never have such a great sense of pride և satisfaction that can only arise when you really stick your tail in something when you give it away everything you have So remember, all you can do is what you can do, but all you can do is enough. When you encounter a vapor lock, this paralysis of analysis, overcome it. Plow through it. Stop striving for perfection; it will never happen no matter how hard you try. You are only human. Do your best և go ahead.

This is one of my best metaphors for this Go as far as you can see, knowing that when you get there, you will be able to see farther. So many people want to know everything before they even start! They want everything to be clear in advance so that they can plan everything. It’s a good recipe for a stroke. You almost never know how it will come together in the first place. You will go blind anyway, no matter how well you try to prepare. Something will come out of nowhere to change your whole plan. You will get new և better ideas. You will see new issues that you did not see in the beginning, so you will have to make adjustments along the way.

Eat that elephant with occasional bites. That’s how you do everything. As they say, inch by inch, life is cold. Yard to yard life is difficult. In business, especially small business, you really have to push yourself. Do not worry about perfection; just know that your best will always be better as you move forward. Understand that this is a skill that requires practice. You can have everything you want, but you have to pay the price.

Everyone knows that, but many do not stop; they realize it. And maybe it’s good that they do not, because the price of success is a lot of hard work, a lot of pain, a lot of suffering. Oh, not always, or even every day; You could not survive that! You have to take it slower, but you have to take it. You will have to deal with some stress. The idea that stress is a killer is BS. Stress is not a killer. it’s essential for life: growth. It is strain he is the murderer. The difference between stress and tension is that tension arises when you do not walk on your own.

So you need to relax. You have to look at yourself with kind eyes. You have to be good to yourself. Do not strive for perfection; just do something every day. Try to move forward. Break your big goals into pieces, but realize that those pieces will change, as you move forward, you will get better ideas.

What I have shared with you here has taken me many years to understand և I’m still on the road like you. But I’ve already made millions, and if that’s true, then I know it ‘s possible to make millions. If you have not yet earned your first millions, you will simply have to make that leap of faith, which is absolutely possible to get out of there, to believe more, to see more clearly.

Eat the elephant once in a while. This life is a journey և you can earn as much money on the road as you want. It’s not possible what your origin is. If you are dead, what then? When I started, I was dead: I went through many periods where I had financial difficulties. But you go through it, you go through it, you do as much as you can every day, at the same time walking yourself so that you do not get burned. Success awaits you if you mean it.

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