Following the trend in Forex. Most traders do not do this, but you have to, it brings huge profits.

Following the trend is actually very easy to learn, it seems like they can keep up with the steps that take from a week to a year. Of course, if you follow the right trends, you can earn a lot of money, so let’s look at the advantages.

Any free market offers trends

Currency trends, like any other free market instrument, և they can all be sold the same way և you get growth և downtrends so you can make money in any business environment.

Trade The reality of price movements

The post-decision-making trend does not include forecasting, “gut” feelings or “thigh shots”, nor does it involve studying the financial press. The tendency to follow the simple requires that you follow a simple set of rules that are objective, allow you to see price fluctuations, and reverse trends.

It brings huge profits

The following trend has complex absolute incomes. It is not shot for “small”. or average profit և In turbulent times in financial markets it can bring you huge profits.

Use mass human psychology

The price of currency is the subjective expectations of traders, which are reflected objectively. People’s reaction to markets is always the same. most of them are behind each other and in the end they lose. People like to be socially relevant, even if the group is wrong. When traders chase after each other, they fall into the hysteria of the crowd, which means losses. Following the trend always makes money, as most traders simply can not think for themselves.

You do not need to win a lot of traders to make a huge profit

Trend follow sets out rules for controlling your account losses և when making quick transactions to maintain capital in your account. The profit-loss ratio is not important for backward trends. If you keep the trend for weeks or months, it will cover very small losses. You can have more losses than gains when you follow trends, but sometimes your profit can be 10-20 times greater than your losers, so you can understand why you should not have a high win-loss ratio. for: big profit

Taking big steps means low cost of doing business

If you trade a lot every day, you will lose a lot in transaction costs due to the profit you are seeking, but not following the trends. With this long-term method of doing business, your cost-effectiveness is minimal and your overall profit increases.

If you want to make big money, the good news is that this method is easy to learn

To learn this trading method, you do not need any fancy systems or pointers that can be learned by anyone, just as you are confident that it has worked since the beginning of the market. So instead of trying to make money’s in the short term, follow the trends through price action ստաց make huge profits, as professional traders do.

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