Forex Trading Success – A Tale of Two Traders. one made a big profit, the other lost – why?

I once knew a 72-year-old woman who was a sheep farmer, hardly read the news, had no formal education, but she made a lot of money trading Forex, turning just $ 5,000 into more than $ 70,000 in just one year. On the other hand, I knew a guy in math who tried three times to make money in Forex Trading, deleted his account in one month, and lost about $ 16,000.

I told you the results, but if you only knew their profession and educational abilities, you would probably assume that the little old woman has no chance against a boy with a degree in mathematics. If you thought the boy had a chance to win, you should read the rest of this article. I will now explain what features are needed to win and why most traders lose money.

The loser:

The boy with a degree in mathematics approached the market with the thought that he was brilliant և he could win the market. He was smart, so he believed that it gave him the right to succeed, but soon he had a few losses (as all traders do), he hated making mistakes, so what did he do?

He refused to cut them, he left his losses, which is the main fault in Forex Trading, he was deleted. His ego forced him to lose, he believed that technology քը intelligence could win the market, և when he woke up to several consecutive losses, he could not control his emotions, և it led to his death.


The money-making lady was a simple, straightforward person who was highly disciplined in running her farm, so she took it into her own business. He was not the smartest in education, but he had common sense.

He knew he was going to make a loss, but he knew from his education that if he kept it small, he could acquire some trades that he could pursue to cover them up for a profit. If you learn the basics of Forex Trading, you will find that the best system you can use is primitive, բան the key to winning is modesty և discipline,’s why he made money.

Why You Can Win in Forex Trading

If you understand this article, you will find that the knowledge needed to win in Forex Trading is easy to learn, իրական the real key to your success is market respect and disciplined trading, FX successful trading is available to anyone if they learn the trade correctly We hope that this article will give you an idea of ​​the right way to trade in the world foreign exchange markets.

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